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🌐 About the site 🔗

After a long time and some tries, I decided to start writing again on the blog. I lost some posts from my first blog, but I could save some thanks to WayBack Machine.

👋 Hi there, I’m Martín 🔗

👨‍💻 About Me: 🔗

I am passionate about technology and I love to be always up to date with the latest advances in this field.

Having studied Computer Engineering and my interest in hardware and software development, made me like everything from embedded systems and the Internet of Things to FrontEnd technologies like React and Vue.

I also enjoy programming and using software that makes life simpler and easier. I believe that technology should help us by automating and simplifying repetitive and tedious tasks. That’s why I also like to know about the DevOps world, CI/CD, k8s, etc.

I consider very important the performance and the intelligent use of hardware resources, this is important both to save operational costs and to to save operational costs as well as to collaborate with the environment. That’s why I like low-level languages like C/C++ and Rust and like C/C++ and Rust and those that allow ease of use without sacrificing performance, like Go.

I love teaching programming and hardware design with an emphasis on patterns and best practices. Currently I don’t teach at the I don’t teach at the University anymore, but I always keep in mind to communicate and teach to colleagues, friends and family.

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